Are you…?

  • Close to graduation? Recently added PhD to your name? Thinking of a Post-Doc? 
  • Young scientist on a crossroad wondering which path to choose – academia or industry?
  • Have second thoughts about the job you hold? Considering a change in direction?
  • Tired of where you are with your job – unsatisfied with the work environment, the boss, or the colleagues?

Career Ready is here to guide you!

Let’s untangle the confusion and overcome the frustration you are facing. If work is taking up to a third of your days, five days a week,  it is only fair that you would want this time to be spent at a job you enjoy, where you are appreciated and what you do matters.

We offer professional advising in career orientation and planning, career development, living and working abroad, balancing career and personal life, job hunting, etc.

Contact us for a free of charge career advising in 2013!